4insite Celebrated for Providing Workplace Tool of the Future

SACRAMENTO, CA • May 06, 2021

4insite Celebrated for Providing Workplace Tool of the Future

4insite’s technological innovations change the way facility services are performed
McClellan, CA. May 06, 2021 –  As workplaces globally resume in-person operations, facilities professionals are seeking support from technology to equip employees with the tools they need to work safer and smarter. 4insite, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, offers a powerful mobile platform with several innovative features to help facilities management employees perform the best job possible.
4insite has been designed to help organizations and individuals work more efficiently and effectively. For five years the technology has been connecting and empowering service workers in their jobs, bringing innovation to stagnant and outdated workplace systems. The platform continues to transform the service and facilities management industries; our focus remains on promoting safe and positive work environments, improving the quality of facilities, and bridging the digital divide.
SBM Management Services, a global soft services provider, has been in partnership with 4insite for five years. Currently, 6,000 SBM employees have access to smartphones and the 4insite associate app, with that number growing daily. SBM employees have access to 50+ features, all designed to connect and empower them to work more safely and efficiently.
The partnership’s ability to modernize the workplace for janitorial and service workers has captured the attention of Dr. Dale Caldwell, professor and the executive director of the Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) Rothman Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Caldwell indicates the widespread introduction of the 4insite technology, and the approach used by SBM to incorporate the platform as a workplace benefit, “promises to transform the way people work.”
Among the features transforming the modern workplace are:

  • Clock-in/Clock-out – Supports social distancing and reduces time spent walking to a physical location at the beginning and end of every shift with instant access from anywhere on campus.
  • COVID-19 Attestation – Protects building occupants and promotes healthier workplaces by ensuring all associates meet COVID-19 screening requirements.
  • Service Validation – Turns the mobile device into a QR Code scanner to determine the last time an area was properly disinfected.
  • Training Content – Customized, multi-language, interactive training content ensures all team members are properly trained and prepared for their roles.
  • Messages – Real-time messaging system allows managers and account stakeholders to instantly share critical information with associates.


To read the full article by Dr. Dale Caldwell in the NJBiz on how 4insite is creating value in the workplace by bridging the digital divide, visit the link below.