Ensure clean bathrooms with digital logs

According to an Ipsos/P&G Professional Cleaning Industry Insights Survey, 31% of respondents would immediately leave a facility if the restroom was not clean. If that isn’t bad enough, 87% of respondents stated that if the restroom were not clean, it would make them wonder about the quality of the product or service of the facility.


For your facility, presenting a clean restroom is paramount to exceed the expectations of your building occupants and customers. A clean and well-stocked bathroom reinforces the quality of your brand.  


Such a critical task requires the best tools and processes possible, yet the maintenance of restrooms is often manually tracked with a piece of paper. These pieces of paper are likely posted in the restroom and exposed to bathroom bacteria, creating an unsanitary process for the facilities staff and building occupants. Using manual, paper logs for bathroom maintenance is also slow, tedious, and does not yield important data to optimize your service levels. 


Valarie Barnett, a Senior VP of Global Accounts at SBM says,

There’s a cost to using manual processes. You don’t realize how much time you’re wasting [on manual processes], and in our facilities management if you’re wasting time, you’re also wasting money. So, if you can do it more effectively, smarter, and more efficiently, why would you not do that?


Luckily, 4insite provides cutting-edge technology for facility managers to ensure they are presenting clean and well-stocked bathrooms. With our easy-to-use app, you can ensure your restrooms are cleaned and stocked on schedule, track restroom complaints across your facilities, and use real-time data to optimize your quality of care.  


It is simple for your facilities team to use 4iniste. Instead of a paper bathroom log, post a QR code on the back of the bathroom door, outside the door, or in another highly visible place. Each time the facilities team services the bathroom, they scan the code to validate completion of services. 4insite automatically saves all of the activity, so you can easily access and inspect the work. 


Valarie Barnett of SBM uses 4insite to manage her facilities and ensure her team produces the best restroom experience possible. She said, “[Before 4insite] Validation of scope of work or services performed was like a piece of paper that you stuck inside of a bathroom, and you hung it up, and people would initial that they got it done. Those were stacks of stacks and stacks of paperback in the day. Sometimes they got into the system. Sometimes they didn’t.  [Now] they can put it into the tool. It’s a one-stop-shop, single point of entry.” 


Don’t let unclean restrooms spoil your brand. To see how 4insite will revolutionize the way you clean and supply your restrooms, reach out to info@4insite.com to schedule a one-on-one consultation.