Five Strategies to Assist in Re-Opening Amid COVID-19

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed facilities management. Overnight, new challenges arose regarding how to keep buildings clean and free from the virus. Over the past year and a half, facilities managers have struggled to adjust their management practices to this brand-new reality. Our clients have developed new strategies and tactics to keep their facilities open and safe. 


As the pandemic eases, many businesses are looking to reopen their facilities. One thing is clear. To keep your buildings safe and clean, you’re going to need new COVID-19 specific strategies. This is especially important as your facilities reopen to full capacity, pre-pandemic occupant levels.   


Here at 4insite, we’ve been fortunate to learn from the best practices of the best facilities teams in the world. Below are five strategies that any facilities team can deploy as they plan for reopening their buildings.  


  1. Training Certification 
    Cleanliness standards have radically changed with COVID-19. Some of your staff–especially those who may not have worked during the pandemic–will be unsure about these new standards. Knowledge is power. Ensure that your teams are committed to their safety, and the safety of others, by deploying targeted COVID-19 training. 
  2. Remote Supervision 
    You won’t always be in your facility to oversee your team’s work. This is where 4insite really helps. The 4insite app empowers you to supervise your team from anywhere. Drive your facilities’ COVID-19 standards, even if you are on the other side of the globe.  
  3. Enhanced Screening of Staff 
    Protect all employees with a mobile-enabled screening process to prevent employees from entering your buildings unless they’ve been cleared. Track your employees’ vaccination and recent testing status in the 4insite app to stay on top of their current status. 
  4. Tracking of Disinfected Space 
    New COVID-19 standards require daily disinfection of common areas. It is more important than ever to track which spaces have been disinfected and which ones need to be serviced. Fortunately, 4insite has added a specific task-tracking feature, which enables employees to use their mobile devices to validate when an area has been disinfected. 
  5. Real-time Access to Cleaning Status 
    Your building occupants need to know which spaces are clean and which spaces still need to be disinfected. Use simple and clear communication methods like signs or table-top markers to show which spaces have been cleaned and are ready for use.


Reopening your facility post COVID-19 is challenging enough. But follow the above strategies, and you’ll be well on your way to a safe and clean facility. With the right tools and processes, you’ll ensure your buildings are safe for all occupants.  


To learn how 4insite can help you prepare for the post COVID-19 facilities world, reach out to We’ll schedule a complimentary strategy session to dig into your facilities management.  


Watch the below video for more on how our technology solutions can keep your workplace safe. 

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