How to inspect your facility with 4insite

Most facility service teams perform at least 3,000 tasks each day. 


Each day! 

With so many tasks to perform, facility managers need a consistent and powerful way to ensure their Scope of Work is fulfilled. It is just too easy for tasks to fall through the cracks, leading to quality issues.  


A facilities inspection is the perfect tool to ensure the facilities team and vendors fulfill your Scope of Work to keep your facility safe and clean. With a quality inspection, you ensure critical work is being performed to the agreed upon level of quality.  


But, traditionally, a facilities inspection created a long stream of manual tasks, like walking the facility, logging issues on sticky notes, creating work orders, and then following up to ensure staff completed the work.  


Luckily, 4insite is here to make inspecting your facility seamless, robust, and easy. We’ve built native support to inspect your facility, meaning you can conduct, manage, and follow up with your entire facility’s inspection right from the palm of your hand. Even if the building has little to no cell service, inspections can be done in offline mode when using the native app. 

Below are five facilities inspection best practices using your 4insite app. 


Best Practice One: Walk the facility regularly.  

Walking the facility regularly with the 4insite app and inspecting different routes and areas each week assures you are catching any cleanliness issues. You don’t have to walk the same route each week. Break up your facility into different routes and chose a different route each week. This helps ensure you get full coverage of your facility on a regular cadence. 


Best Practice Two: Don’t rush your inspection.  

Inspecting your facility is critically important. Slow down to pause, observe, listen, and reflect. When possible, engage with building occupants and staff as you walk, asking questions on the facility’s quality of service and uncovering potential issues.  


Best Practice Three: Perform facilities inspections with your partners 

Walking the facility with your partners is the key to aligning on expectations and observations. For example, you may rate a facility’s space a three, while the partner/vendor may rate it a 5. Without knowing and exploring this disconnect, your communication will remain subpar and potentially lead to quality issues. 


Best Practice Four: Use 4insite to conduct your inspection.  

Inspecting your facility will result in a tremendous amount of data and surface the potential for tasks. 4insite automatically creates an inspection checklist based on your Scope of Work. As you walk routes (ex: Building A, Floor 2), 4insite will show you the facilities work that needs to be done in that area and allow you to check that it’s been completed. You can also easily add photos and comments in the tool to capture wins or places for improvement. If extra work is needed, it’s easy to get it to the right person. 

While on your walk, you may notice a non-inspection issue with the potential to become a problem. Because 4insite unites your entire facilities management in one application, you can easily create a work order to ensure the facilities team resolves the issue before it becomes a major problem. 


Best Practice Five: Use inspection data to analyze your facility. 

As you inspect your facilities with 4insite, you will collect tremendous amounts of rich data to analyze the performance of your facilities. Use this data to find places for improvement or to improve employee efficiencies through route changes or training. 

4insite is a SaaS solution that makes inspecting your site easy, accurate, and actionable. With 4insite, you can make inspections easy by walking and entering inspection data in real-time. Inspections don’t need to be scary. With 4insite, inspections are a powerful tool to ensure your facility is kept safe and clean. 


Valarie Barnett, a Sr Vice President of Global Accounts with SBM, uses 4insite to inspect her facilities. She said,

[Before 4insite] audits were conducted on pieces of paper. Gone are those days, everybody’s mobile now. We now have connectivity through [4insite]. 

 To learn how you can use 4insite for inspecting your facilities (and much, much more), send an email to to schedule a complimentary discovery session.