How to track and reduce facilities complaints using real data 

Most facilities managers gather complaints through hallway conversations, emails, and sticky notes. These complaints are then entered into a work order system to be serviced by the facilities team. Once the work is complete, it is yet another manual process for the facilities manager to ensure facilities staff completed the work.  


According to Charles Somers, CEO of SBM,

My only problems are the ones I do not know about. I can’t improve it if I don’t know the issue exists.

Inherent in this manual process is tremendous amounts of wasted time and energy, not to mention the potential that the complaint itself is somehow lost or inadequately serviced. 


A better way is here. 


4insite provides facilities managers with a unified platform to track, manage, and report on facilities complaints. You do not need to juggle multiple systems and hope complaints are serviced. 4insite gives you the tools you need to track and reduce facilities complaints.  


Below are some practical, no-nonsense tips on how to track and reduce your facilities’ complaints. 


  1. Manage the entire complaint from one place: It is impossible to track and reduce your facilities’ complaints when each step of the process occurs in a different system. Your first step is to implement 4insite to centralize your entire complaint system. Use 4insite to collect facilities complaints from building occupants and staff. Quickly create and delegate work orders. And then use 4insite’s digital tracking tools to ensure the work is done.  
  2. With your complaint data in one place, you can analyze the root cause of your facility complaints. Are there maintenance requirements? Or building improvements? Use data to analyze your facility and pinpoint hot spots. 4insite makes it easy to issue additional work orders to solve core facilities issues.  
  3. Empower building occupants to file complaints using 4insite’s intuitive Digital Assistant. Building occupants need only text a number to file a complaint which will be automatically processed via 4insite’s customer feedback system.  
  4. Use your facilities dashboard to track complaints over time. With your complaint data centralized, you can track your facilities’ complaints to spot trends and repeat issues. See your complaint data by: 
    1. Site (each building) 
    2. By program (maintenance, custodial, shipping, waste management, landscaping, etc.) 
    3. By vendor 
    4. By type (restroom, dusting, responsiveness, etc.)  
    5. Dive into the details to view what was inputted, when, which building, the root cause, and status  
  5. With 4insite you can even track out-of-scope complaints. By documenting these you let people know they were heard, and these become conversations for where additional scope may be needed.  


Building complaints are inevitable. Using 4insite will empower you to both track and reduce the number of complaints. To learn how 4insite will revolutionize the way your facility tracks and services complaints, email to schedule a one-on-one consultation.