How a Global Aerospace Company used Automation to Improve Facility Quality 

The Problem

A global aerospace company reached out to 4insite for a simple and accurate way to conduct building occupant surveys. The company wanted to streamline its existing building survey process to better understand the health and quality of their facilities.


Their existing process included manually entering survey data into multiple systems, which created errors and inefficiencies. Furthermore, the survey data was limited to a small sample of the building occupants due to how difficult it was to get participants into any system.


Without accurate survey data, the company realized they did not have a good pulse on the health and quality of their facilities. There could be problem areas in the facility, but without better data, the aerospace company couldn’t accurately diagnose and treat the problems.

The Solution

4insite worked with the company to deploy Olivia, 4insite’s automated digital assistant to conduct surveys. Using Olivia’s intuitive texting functionality, the company collected real-time feedback on service, empowered users to submit work order requests, and even report problems with the facility. Instead of a manual process to reach out to building occupants, the company relied on Olivia’s easy-to-use technology to drive adoption and collect feedback from a broader population. Olivia removed the barrier of inputting information into a survey system or forcing people to have to download an app.


The facilities team also used Olivia to log issues in real-time as they walked their facilities. With Olivia and 4insite, these issues created a work order that was then routed to the appropriate team for service. Now, instead of manual processes, Olivia empowered the company to centralize and use automation to drive quality results.


The Result

The results were immediate. The aerospace company enjoyed an uptick in building occupant survey data which provided tremendous insights into the health and safety of their facilities, especially into the less trafficked “nooks and crannies.” The facilities team also reported an increase in minor safety and cleanliness issues. Armed with new insights, the facilities team focused on areas of improvement, and even addressed minor issues before they became big problems.


The company also used the 4insite dashboard to understand and analyze their “issue buildings.” These buildings were hot spots for both building occupant complaints and facilities issues. Using 4insite data, the facilities team implemented a strategic plan to proactively service and improve the quality of the buildings.


With improved survey data from Olivia, the company now enjoys a cleaner and safer facility.

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