How SBM Ditched Paper Logs for Digital Facilities Management 

The Problem

Valarie Barnett, Senior Vice President of Global Accounts for SBM, manages dozens of properties with hundreds of locations. SBM employs more than 9,000 individuals servicing more than 350 million square feet throughout North America, Latin America, and Asia. With such a breadth of responsibility, Valarie’s most pressing need is to ensure her staff is performing at the highest level of quality possible.


Before adopting 4insite, Valarie relied on using paper auditing and offline tools. Each facilities audit produced “reams and reams” of paper. Driving towards quality and safety KPIs were difficult without better visibility into the performance of the facility.


These manual solutions were both inefficient and limited. The paper data could not be compiled to see broader facility trends. She also found that many critical functions were tracked on paper, including restroom logs and safety hazards.


The reliance on paper meant critical tasks were often lost, and the quality of the care of the facility suffered as a result. Valarie needed a better way to track against the performance of her facility, and paper methods were not going to cut it.

The Solution

Valarie’s company SBM implemented 4insite to solve her paper problem.


Deploying 4insite meant Valarie could drive digital facilities management. Now, instead of paper logs, her audits across hundreds of buildings are conducted in a single platform. Withthe data centralized, Valarie can look across facilities scorecards in her dashboard to see which facilities are tracking against their KPIs, and which facilities need more attention.


Valarie’s data is centralized and actionable. No longer is the rich facilities data confined to paper logs. With 4insite, her data is visible and actionable.

The Result

Valarie reaped the rewards for her digital evolution. She reported that after implementing 4insite, her facilities saw the results of their scorecard—both from 4insite and the client’s internal tracking—go up. In fact, within a short period of time, her facilities were performing at the highest level they had recorded.


The power of ditching paper logs in favor of digital management means Valarie can now optimize her facilities using real data. She has the tools she needs to drive the quality and performance of her facilities, regardless of whether she can walk physically walk the halls of each one of her sites. With 4insite, she can monitor the health of her facilities, even if she is half-way across the world. 4insite is the tool to unify and provide consistent actionable data for Valarie and her team to drive the highest results.

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