How SBM’s Operation Team Uses 4insite to Centralize and Control P&G Facilities

The Problem

Lindsey Gant is on the SBM soft services team across five facilities of P&G’s Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. SBM employs more than 9,000 individuals servicing more than 350 million square feet throughout North America, Latin America, and Asia. In her role, Lindsey is responsible for managing dozens of employees.


With that many employees performing thousands of facilities tasks each week, Lindsey needed cutting edge tools to ensure her team is delivering the highest level of quality. Unfortunately, before adopting 4insite, Lindsey used multiple tools to manage employee requests for supplies, time-off, and work orders.


Lindsey said, “We’d use one system for payroll, one system for ordering supplies. A different system for everything. And so, a team member would make a request through a text message and I’d have to enter it into the system, and then remember to text them back with a response.” Lindsey estimated that a large part of her week was spent shuffling requests from one system to another, pulling her time and attention away from higher-value facilities management tasks.


With so many lines of communication, many requests fell through the cracks, leading to additional swirl and confusion on the team.

The Solution

Lindsey’s team adopted 4insite to centralize and gain control of their facility. With her Scope of Work, core KPIs, and a connected workforce in place, Lindsey now has the tools she needs to provide her building occupants with a clean and safe facility. Within 4insite, Lindsey can respond to employee HR requests, approve supply ordering, conduct facilities inspections, and much more.


Once distributed, 4insite allowed Lindsey to seamlessly message her team right within the app. Instead of having multiple systems to manage, Lindsey only needed her mobile phone and the 4insite app. She no longer had to juggle multiple systems. 4insite centralized and streamlined the management of her facility.


Lindsey also uses her management dashboard to track against her core KPIs. Using real-time data from 4insite and her facility inspections, Lindsey can identify trouble spots and respond to small problems before they escalate into larger ones.


The Result

Lindsey enjoyed a huge improvement in team communication. “It was all right there in 4insite. Employees requested supplies or time off and I easily approved them right from the app.”


But centralizing control was just the start. With a streamlined process in place, Lindsey now has more time to focus on driving quality across her facilities. She focuses on facility safety improvements, building occupant relationships, and strategic projects.

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